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Licensed Professionals Only
Licensed Professionals Only

Optim 33 Wipes

by SciCan
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  • 60 sec. bactericidal & virucidal – REALISTIC contact time increases the likelihood of proper usage
  • A cleaner & disinfectant in one
  • Almost all disinfectants have irritating chemical smell. OPTIM 33TB has no strong chemical odor. No lingering alcohol smell.
  • Unique designs of wipes – remain wet & do not dry out; durable & lint free
Superior Safety Profile
  • Non-flammable – not alcohol based
  • Health = 0; Reactivity = 0; Flammability = 0
  • Non-irritating to skin & eyes
  • No active residue left on surface – does not contribute to development of microbial resistance
Superior Environmental Profile
  • EPA Cat. IV – the lowest toxicity category assigned by U.S. EPA
  • Hydrogen peroxide biodegrades into Oxygen & Water when discharged into sewage system

Utilizing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), a revolutionary disinfectant technology, OPTIM 33TB is an EPA registered disinfectant cleaner with a difference.

The OPTIM Advantage: A disinfectant with the perfect balance between safety & efficacy.