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Licensed Professionals Only
Licensed Professionals Only

Hive Armor

by Hive
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Hive Caps®️ introduces Hive Armor™️  

A barrier film designed for today’s artists:

•Sized 11”x 14” 

•Protect your tablet or laptop (perfect size to cover the entire screen)

•Cover your arm rests, leg rest, head rest, light and anything else you want to protect 

•Adheres to any surface (without leaving any residue)

•Perfect size for any mayo stand or station surface 

•Clear for visibility 

•Fast removal and disposability 

430 sheets of 11”x14” (27.94cm x 35.56cm)perforated clear adhesive protective film.  

1.8mil thickness 

500ft long x 11” wide (460sqft)

452.65cm long x 27.94cm wide (42.74 sq meters