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Licensed Professionals Only
High Level Disinfectants

High Level Disinfectants

High Level Disinfectants

High level disinfectants, when used correctly, are a critical part of your sanitation procedure in order to protect yourself and clients from serious illness from bloodborne pathogens and other harmful bacteria and viruses. 

What are high level disinfectants?

High level disinfectants are EPA registered and FDA regulated disinfectants that are effective against TB, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and some, but not all, spores when used according to manufacturer directions. Typical active ingredients used in high level disinfectants include glutaraldehyde, OPA, hydrogen peroxide, or peracetic acid. Some brands include isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) as well to speed up drying time. Each high level disinfectant has a different kill time depending on the ingredients used and the pathogens targeted. You’ll most often see high level disinfectants sold in gallon jugs, but spray bottles and wipes are also available. Household cleaners like bleach are not considered high level disinfectants.

Things to consider when choosing and using a high level disinfectant product:

  • Ingredients. Many ingredients used in high level disinfectants are not safe for certain types of surfaces and/or materials. Pick an appropriate product that is safe for the intended surface to avoid damage. If you’d like more information about a certain ingredient listed, consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) forms listed on the manufacturer website. If they are not available there, reach out to the manufacturer directly.
  • Kill time. This refers to how long a surface must remain wet with disinfectant to be effective against a pathogen. Some formulas have multiple kill times listed on the package depending on the pathogen or surface type. 
  • Precautions for use. High level disinfectants use very strong chemicals. Be sure to utilize the correct PPE and read the directions carefully in order to keep yourself and others safe while using them.
  • Storage and disposal. High level disinfectants need to be stored and disposed of safely according to federal and local regulations due to their toxicity. Consult the product label or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.

At Coalition Tattoo Supply, we carry the following high level disinfection products:

  • Madacide-1
  • Madacide-FD
  • Cavicide
  • Super Sani-Cloth
  • Optim-33

We hope this helps you choose the best high level disinfectant for your needs.

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