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Licensed Professionals Only
Licensed Professionals Only

Ink Stir Cartridge

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"Ink Stir Cartridge" is the newest patent pending invention from True Tattoo Supply! The Ink Stir Cartridge is a disposable, safe and convenient way to stir or mix custom tattoo colors in an instant. Just insert the Ink Stir Cartridge into your rotary machine, just like a cartridge tattoo needle, and adjust the depth on your machine to adjust the spin speed of the ink stir cartridge. Makes ink mixing quick, safe, disposable and consistent in the tattoo artist's ink cap.

  • Available in a box of 12 ink stir cartridges.
  • Safe, Disposable and Consistent ink stirring.
  • Adjust needle depth to adjust stir stick speed.
  • New disposable Ink Mixer for every tattoo client.
  • For quick and easy ink mixing in the cap.
  • For precise consistent ink mixing.
  • Paddle gives maximum stirring of ink.
  • For consistent, quick and smooth ink mixing.
  • Use like any cartridge in your tattoo machine.
  • Insert into your tattoo machine like any cartridge.
  • Added spring compression on stir stick.
  • Run machine between 7 - 9 volts.
  • 12 Ink Stir Cartridges per box.
  • No battery needed 


How to use:

  • Insert into machine like any cartridge 
  • Adjust needle depth to control speed of stir Cartridge
  • Press down with tip of Ink Stir Cartridge to engage